Pull-Up Supplemental Plan

 No Pull-ups No Problem - 4 Week Supplemental Pull Up Program

This is a supplementary four-week pull-up program, no matter what your level is.
Whether you have no pull-ups, 1-2 pull-ups, or 15 pull-ups you can use this as a supplement with your current workout program. Give yourself plenty of time to get the pull-up work done. All pull-ups are strict!
You will need:
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Assistance Bands
  • Basic Gym equipment (barbell, weights, and dumbells)
It does not matter which day these workouts are completed on as long as you fit
all three into a one-week time frame. Make sure to take a day off in between
each workout.
Here are some things to think about when starting this program:
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get the pull-up work done. All pull-ups are strict!
  • Listen to your body. Shoulders are a funny thing, so watch how much
  • movement you do above your head. But don't mistake sore for hurt...you will probably be sore.
  • Do shoulder mobility regularly, do the recovery and accessory work prescribed.
  • Keep a logbook of your exercises, weights, and reps that you do, and record how you feel.
  • Common sense people...if you do your own workout with a ton of overhead work on a Tuesday, don't do your pull-up work the next day. Give your shoulders a break.
  • Remember you GET OUT what you PUT IN!

-Sam Parker

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