Waging War on Hero Suicide

Hero Suicide

From 2009 to 2019, the total count of veterans who have committed suicide surpassed the total of all Killed In Action of the Vietnam War. Over 60,000 military veterans have killed themselves in ten years time.

The numbers are even more staggering when you add the total of First-Responder Suicides. The Ruderman White Paper on Mental Health and Suicide of First Responder states that firefighters and law enforcement officers are more likely to die by suicide than from a line-of-duty death.

Team Sciath is committed in taking action and fighting for those who fight for us. 


Our 3 Phase Battle Plan

1- A Portion of proceeds from sales are donated to LifeGR® in order to provide mental health resources to Military Veterans and First Responders. This organization has proven effectiveness for saving lives and marriages, and we support their efforts.

2- Team Sciath is actively building a community that values mental and physical strength. We develop informational content that promotes growth and reconstruction. This free information is our tool for shattering misconceptions that destroy the lives of men and women. 

3- We actively engage in community building events and fundraisers to support and promote veteran and first responder groups.


Law Enforcement Officers Only - Free Training

Hosted at crossfit grand rapids


A Law Enforcement Only fitness and combatives training class designed to be time-efficient.

Normal gym clothes are fine. Groin protection and mouthguards are recommended.

The liability waiver must be signed, which will be emailed to you when you enroll in the course. Also, you must email some proof of employment as a law enforcement officer. A photo of an ID works fine.

The Labs is a new idea that we are trying out, and we intend for it to be of no charge for as long as possible.

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