August 31, 2021 1 min read

The Grunt Strap is an easy-to-use upgrade to your traditional sandbag. By simply clipping onto the ends of the sandbag, the straps can be installed in seconds to create a wide range of new applications for your workout. Donning the sandbag with the straps is simple to do and can be completed quickly for a fast pace transition.

Gym owners will find that the Grunt Strap does not impede normal sandbag exercises and adds new movements that can be completed under load. By donning the sandbag you can add weight that is close to your center of gravity while keeping the required gear for your workout to a minimum.

The Grunt Strap allows you to turn your sandbag into a mobile gym solution. Bring your sandbag anywhere and complete training in outdoor locations, or during a long movement under load. The grunt strap enables you to add weight for a wide variety of exercises, increasing the benefit of some more traditional workouts.

If the user would desire to, you can quickly and easily remove the straps for a sandbag workout.

Our Grunt Straps are manufactured right in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our company is veteran-owned and operated. We offer a 60-Day Money back guarantee.


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